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Meg Gregory
Meg Gregory owns the Black Sheep Creamery with her husband, Brad. They have been raising sheep and milking them for 15 years. The Creamery has been in operation since 2004. The wool project began in 2011 with the help of Susan Gehringer of Grist Creative. The store and our dreams of cheese retail space have come to pass with the encouragement of Kathy and Tom Green, Susan and Frank Hackett, our wonderful local community and many, many others.

Kathy Green
Kathy Green is a life-long crafter. She learned to crochet in the early '80s; learned to knit in 2009 and spin in 2015. Kathy also did cross-stitch and embroidery, as well as some macrame. When Meg started thinking about a yarn store, Kathy jumped at the opportunity. She loves being around all fiber crafts and those who do the crafts.

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